I like to stare at things that cannot be read.
Only in that way can the present be remembered.
I need a menu to wash my car.

Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen. May 2016. Curated by Andreas Nilsson.

Review in Kunsten (in danish)

Hand, 2016 (Pencil of paper)

The Artists Keys left somewhere in Montpellier, 2014
(Collaboration with Martijn in’ t Veld)

Nose, 2016

Ma Al Cas Rez..., 2016

Object described to a carpenter (Copenhagen, Denmark), 2016

Objects described to a potter and a weaver (Tinos, Greece), 2015
Object described to a potter (Riga, Latvia), 2015

Transaction tray, 2012 / Truck carpets, 2015

Hi Oyster, 2015 (watercolor on fluoresecent tube)

By Request the Song ”Life’s Greatest Fool” by Gene Clark Will Be Played (Only Available for Solitary Spectator), 2013
Song made available by request to be heard in the exhibition space, only to be played if the spectator is alone.

Readings by Henning Lundkvist & Jenny Kalliokulju at the opening

Booklet with texts by Jenny Kalliokulju, Karl Larsson, Henning Lundkvist & Amalie Smith available for download here. Published by Hour Projects.

*Exhibition title comes from a text by Tan Lin

Exhibition supported by

Photos: Kevin Malcolm