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Solo exhibitions (selected)
2013   Somebody said she finds triangles scary..., 1646, Den Haag
2013   True Blue, Finlandsinstitutet, Stockholm (with Carl Palm)
2012   Hope this reaches you OK, Sinne, Helsinki
2012   I am sorry..., Percival Space, Oslo (with Martijn in’ t Veld)
2012   Wall Piece with 200 Letters, CAC, reading room, Vilna
2012   Thick dreams, thick dreams, Yoga Center, Göteborg
2012   Things as they are, INCA Institute, Detroit
2012   Lay Flat and Roll Around, Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki
2011   Turn the Light, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki
2011   Tender Nerves, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö (with E. Kausalainen)
2007   Vagrant and other works, Kluuvi gallery, Helsinki
2005   Nine questions, Rovaniemi Art Museum

Group exhibitions (selected)
2014   Matters of time, Frankfurt kunstverein
2014   Dispersion, Matadero, Madrid
2014   Festival of Positive Misunderstanding, Augusta, Helsinki
2014   Shifting Identities, MACRO, Rooma
2013   24 Spaces, Malmö Konsthall
2013   Footnotes, CAC, Vilnius
2013   Lähiö (Suburb), Kluuvi gallery, Helsinki
2013   National Art Studio, Seoul
2013   Appropriated Territories, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania
2012   Thinging, Frutta gallery, Roma
2012   Reality Bites, Kiasma, Helsinki
2012   Lithuanian Art 2012, CAC, Vilna
2011   Young Artists 2011, Kunsthalle Helsinki
2011   In the End was the Word, Ursula Blickle Stiftung, Unteröwisheim
2011   For Inclusion in the Syllabi, Five Storey Projects, London
2011   MORE OR LESS..., Augusta Galleria, Helsinki
2010   Fall Behind –event, Overgaden, Copenhagen
2010   It’s a Set Up, Kiasma, Helsinki
2009   Artists in Residence, Atelier Frankfurt, Frankfurt
2006   Näköuni / Visiondream, Bozar - Center for Fine Arts Brussels

Publications / contributions
2014  Stomach
2013  Stuff (May - October 2013)
2013  Stuff (April – May 2013)
2013   Parnasso 1/2013 (contribution)
2012   An Epitaph for the World We are Leaving Behind (contribution)
2012   Tuli & Savu: Tekstitaide -anthology (contribution)
2012  The Order of Things, Mark Pezinger Verlag

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